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Conditions on
Lake of the Woods
From Ruperts Resort & Campground
Sunday February 18, 2018
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Sunsets and Sunrises over Lake of the Woods
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The Hodge Lodge
Vollyball games
Well if you didn't happen to go ice fishing on Sunday, February 18th then you missed the last day of the ice fishing season on lake of the woods. The lake opened up within two days of the heavy flooding rain we received in this area. We were surprised that only one other person was out on the lake ice fishing, because it was a great day to be on the hard water. Temperature was great and the ice was good (about 6 inches) and no snow on the ice so you could do a lot of hole hopping. Which is what we were doing when we were fishing deep.  We only picked up the crappie pictured above and a nice perch. When we moved to the shallow waters we started picking up a few more fish and found more that wanted to bite.  Unfortunately, it took us until the end of the season to figure out that more of the fish were being caught in the shallow water. Some of the ice fishermen were catching walleyes in the shallow waters when fishing for blue gills. But if you were looking to catch white bass an channel cats, most of them were being caught in deeper water.
Please send pictures of your nice catches to me to post on our website. If you do not want to reveal where or how you caught them that's is fine with me.  All I need is your first name, date and size of the fish. You can text to 574-276-7595 or email it to the email address on the website. 
Kids Carnival day - Games-Games and more games-Sno Cone-Cotton Candy - Cupcakes - Pop Corn
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Campground LUAU 2017
Mothers Day Breakfast
Jaiden large mouth bass
Noah's 9 1/4 inch Blue gill
Ben's 8 1/2 inch Blue gill

4th of July
Kids Fishing Contest 2017
Tim  bow hunting 12/15/17  Buffalo Carp
Ryan's White bass 12/31/17
Vic's 19 inch walleye 1/21/18
Mikes 17 inch Bass 1/21/18
Vic's 18 inch  large mouth 1/21/18
Channel cat 1/19/18
Ryan's Channel Cat 2/11/18
Vic's Perch caught last ice 2/18/18.
Mike's Crappie caught on last ice 2/18/18
Pam Large Mouth Bass caught last ice 2/18/18